Our Football Program

Following a comprehensive review of elite player development around the world, Kalabsh Academy has created a unique program that yields high-performance athletes, capable of building a successful career as a professional footballer. Our Academy philosophy is based on increased training, less total games, and more meaningful games using international rules of competition.

The Academy Program focuses on positively impacting everyday environments to assist in maximizing youth player development. The Academy values individual development of elite players over winning trophies and title using a tailored approach suited to each individual player’s strength. We will consistently produce players for the professional game and student athletes for top-class academic institutions.


  • Under 12

  • Under 14

  • Under 16

  • Under 18


  • Improved training and playing environment

  • More training (4-5 sessions per week)

  • More meaningful games

  • Age-appropriate learning environment

  • Individual player development within team concept

  • Quality licensed coaches